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Economy Class Travels and Educational Consultants, established in 2016, is one of the most successful international student recruitment company in Nigeria today.

We help thousands of students every year to pursue higher education overseas. Motivated by our core values ‘ethics, expertise and leadership’, we are one of the most trusted names in the field of overseas education.

We have build trust over the years helping a number of Nigeria students to achieve their dream abroad.

We not only in this industry for business, we also build relationship. One other factors working for us is that we have a moderate administrative and service charge which we made easier for our clients to pay based on their budget.

We focus on recruiting and guiding students towards appropriate educational opportunities at universities, colleges, schools & training institutes around the world. We work in partnership with other educational agents both in Nigeria and overseas.

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Visa Applications is not just a matter of filling in a simple form and providing a few documents for the application. Many applications that are lodged by applicants with no professional help are refused. Think of Economy Class Travels for headache free and reliable visa Application.

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If you have a good O'level certificate and we help you get a high score in the English Proficiency Test, then you have 95 percent chances to get admission to your desired school.
Most of these countries and their schools give their students 10 - 40 hrs working time in a week. We understand that most students will like to do some side work to be able to fund their school going forward. We cant get you a job from here with a student visa, but we will guide you when you travel on how to go about it.
We have experts in educational counseling in choosing a career path. The fellows ask you questions and do what they do best by recommending to you several courses that may suit your personality ensuring you choose an educational path that will enable you maximize your potentials. We furthermore assist in the application process, the screening and vetting, visa counseling and application, travel and accommodation arrangements as well as helping them get settled in their new school.
Whether you want to study Medicine, Law, Engineering or Statistics, we have over 170 schools that we partner with. many of these schools have professional programmes for Undergraduate study and Post Graduate study.  

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